Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Project RULES

I’m pretty good at memory keeping – I have a zillion scrapbooks commemorating family life, tons of memorabilia packed away, and at one point even contemplated trying to preserve one of the boys’ umbilical cords, until the cat took advantage of my hesitation and ate it.

True story. Really gross, but true.

One thing I dropped the ball on was a growth chart. I kept meaning to put one up…and kept forgetting to. I could have just marked the wall, but I was holding out for something detachable that we could take with us when we moved. And it seems like there were always a million more things to do and to buy that took precedence.

Then one day I turned around and my oldest son was looking me dead in the eye. And he wasn’t standing on anything or hanging from anything – in his bare feet Cam is inching up closer and closer to my height. He’s in the middle of a monster growth spurt and I realized it was now or never for the growth chart.

I searched around and everything seemed a little too young to bridge the gap between a 13-year-old and a 2-year old, and a little too girly to keep my boys’ eyes from rolling. So I decided to make my own, based on something awesome I saw at my brother and sister-in-law’s house.

Behold – Super Ruler.

Super Ruler was actually super easy to make. Our shopping list consisted of:

8-inch wide by 1-inch thick by 10-foot long slab of lumber, like one of these.

We almost bought a 6-foot board. We knew we were going to hang it 6 inches above the floor to clear the baseboard, so it would actually measure up to 6 and a half feet tall. Then I remembered I come from a family of giants and realized that there’s a small chance that 6 and a half might not be enough for our boys, so I went with the 10-foot board and cut it down to 7 feet. If one of my kids ends up taller than 7 and half feet, we probably won’t be able afford to feed him, and he should just move out. :)

Snazzy yellow spray paint. For some reason I was thinking rulers are generally yellow. I was probably thinking of pencils, since rulers can be any color, but we went with yellow anyway, just because it’s happy.

Eighth of an inch art tape. I found this near the dry erase boards at Staples after a long search. Joe thought it might be one of those things I dream up that don’t actually exist in the real world, but I hunted it down. I used a ruler and pencil to line off the spray-painted board at half-inch increments, then went over them with the tape so they really stand out.

The grand finale of any project – Modge Podge! I went over everything with a few thin coats to seal it all up. I could have used a spray shellac or something, but this was more fun. Remember putting Elmer’s glue on your hands in elementary school, waiting for it to dry, then ripping it off like you’re a zombie pulling off your own skin?

If you’re wrinkling your nose up right now and thinking, “Noooo, I most certainly did not,” you are just no fun and probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. Use the extra time to try the zombie trick I just taught you. You’ll be glad you did.

And that’s it! You end up with a beautiful, ginormous ruler, fit to measure even the most freakishly tall child. This child isn’t freakishly tall (yet), but he lends a very Vanna-like zing to the big reveal:

And he’s super cute.

The only drawback to finally having a growth chart is that there’s obvious proof of this:

I’m a little over 5’9” and I thought it would be years and years before one of my kids got anywhere close to my height. At Cam’s alarming growth rate, he might pass me by Christmas.

At least I know this little guy will be cuddle-sized for at least another decade.


Anonymous said...

Good work, sis! Be ready for your friends to be contracting you to make them one.


Tammie said...

LOVE your super ruler! I can not believe how tall Cam has gotten in the two years I have known your family. The funny thing is, I have looked for a growth chart and you can't find anything suitable for kids once they get beyond the preschool age. Great idea Cyndi!~

Brooke said...

LOVE it! You are a super ruler (of the family) yourself!

Amy Chic said...

This I think is the best idea you have had yet! Much better than my inside of the doorway thing. I will never be able to take my doorway with me :0(

You seriously might consider making these on the side :0) I have a feeling they would catch on!!



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