Monday, August 1, 2011

House Rules

Recently, I made this:

I think I’ll call it a “klepto craft” considering I totally ripped off an idea I saw on the internet. Rather than shelling out howevermuch the person was charging for this kind of sign, I threw it together myself through the magic of free fonts, Photoshop, Shutterfly and Ikea. Supercheap wall art for around $20. Score!

Here's how it looks hanging over the desk in the family room:

If you can’t read all of our “Davis House Rules,” they are:
  • Always tell the truth.

  • Share everything but bad ideas.

  • Sing silly, dance crazy, smile big.

  • Hug your mom no matter how big you get.

  • Keep your promises and do your best.

  • Count your blessings.

  • Always stick up for each other.

  • Mind your own beeswax.

  • Clean up your own stuff.

  • Hands to yourself unless high fiving or hugging.

  • Always say I love you.

  • Thank God for this family.

It would be very sweet of me to say that the last rule is my favorite, but really it’s #8. It’s really imperative to leave each other’s beeswax alone. Beeswax is a personal kind of thing that shouldn’t be shared, along with underwear and opinions I don’t agree with.

It’s important to note that we have a secondary list of rules that aren’t appropriate for public spaces. They include these gems:

  • Don’t fart on your brother’s head or you will give him pink eye.

  • If you feel nauseous, take the puke bowl with you wherever you go.

  • Don’t hit your brother in the car or dad will make you sit on your hands until we get home.

  • When mom’s right eye starts to twitch, stop asking stupid questions.

  • Whoever smells the dirty diaper first has to change it. (No fair pretending you don’t smell it.)

  • When in doubt, all arguments are settled by means of rock, paper, scissors.

  • It’s physically impossible for mom to miss the toilet, so she will NEVER clean up dribble around it.

I may print them out and hang them somewhere that most visitors don’t see, like the bathroom in the bedroom wing, where they could hold a place of honor over the toilet. That way, they can be reviewed while little boys are cleaning up dribbles.

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Stacy said...

LOVE it!!! I would still hang those secondary rules! Those are the most important anyway! lol Especially the dribble....UGH!


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