Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traumatizing Our Family, One Kid at a Time

This bright and sunny Sunday morning we took the boys out to eat for breakfast. Unlike most modern restaurants, this one still requires you to go to the register to settle up. Joe usually does the bill-paying, but this time I went and took care of it.

Somehow this slipped by the boys, and somehow Joe knew that. He told Brandon we were going to “dine and dash” and then sprinted out of the restaurant and across the parking lot, Evan over his shoulder giggling and laughing and waving like he was on an amusement park ride.

Brandon had no choice but to follow, running after his dad and looking nervously over his shoulder. Apparently he was only on the lookout for angry waitresses and police officers, because he failed to notice me and the other boys leisurely following and laughing.

When they made it to the van, Brandon looked at Joe with big, disappointed eyes and said, “Did you really not pay dad?” Joe, who will ride a lie into the ground for the sake of a good joke, said he didn’t and Brandon shook his head and said softly, “Oh, Dad”.

We eventually told B the truth, but I’m proud of him that he was so shocked and dismayed at Joe’s behavior. He was willing to show his disapproval in his father’s morals than to join in on the (apparent) criminal behavior. I take that as a pretty good testament of our parenting that our boys have such a clear view of right and wrong.

But considering how long and loud we laughed at Brandon’s priceless reaction on the way home, we probably still have a little work to do on ourselves. Good parents? Maybe. Good people? Jury’s still out.

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