Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well Thank Youuuuuu!

After a crazy week trying to get adjusted to our wild new schedule, I finally had some time to go through my email and visit my favorite sites and I found that I had been given two more blogger awards!

My girl JenJen over at The Battle Book gave me this one:

So pretty! And this is what she said about my blog:
This boy-crazy mom has 4 sons and a hilarious man. She comes up with the best car-ride games and is especially fantastic at bringing some light to parenting and marriage. She currently has a fantastic picture of Mo’Nique on her most recent post. Do it.
Awesome! Who knew Mo'Nique's nasty, hairy legs would draw people to the site? You should definitely go check out Jen's Battle Book because She. Is. Awesome. I love her take on things.

Then The Mayor over at Crazy Town awarded me this...

...and said this about me and my fellow winners:
I tend to visit the most, & definitely relate to, those women who don’t try to sugar coat the chaos & mayhem of parenting or marriage, the ones who appreciate the value of sarcasm, laughter, & just plain realism. Moms who blog about themselves & the world they live in as much as their kids, & Moms who leave you knowing, no matter how much they poke fun at it all, that they wouldn’t trade a second of it!
She hit the nail right on the head about me! Go visit The Mayor and check out her Crazy Town. I laughed right out loud reading her post about going to the grocery store in full-out slop mode. We've all been there.

Part of getting one of these awards is that you pass them on to other bloggers. Normally I wouldn't lump two awards together in one post, but I have suddenly found myself desperately short of time! So here are some sites you should visit. They are definitely worth your time!!!

  • Thirty: Own Up to Being Grown Up
    If the awesome title doesn't grab you, Suzanne's funny posts will. Plus, she's Canadian and I love Canadians. Unless we're playing them in hockey.

  • Heather-N-Company
    Heather has been an online friend for almost 13 years! Holy crap, has the internet even been around that long? :o) I love keeping up with her and her family.

  • See Mom Smile
    Linda is the mom of SIX so she has all of my crazy plus two. :o) When I see a comment from her in my in-box it makes my whole day.

  • Mom-In-A-Million
    Anyone who posts a Bert & Ernie rap on their page is okay by me. You have to go by and check it out. Awesome.

  • PhotogNazi
    She sucked me in by posting that awesome Nick Jr./Bob Marley video that I reposted here and I've been visiting her ever since. Love the look of her blog - great photos and graphics.

It goes without saying that both The Battle Book and Crazy Town would have been at the top of my list if they hadn't been the ones giving me the awards! Thanks again to both of you.

Off to crank out another post before the boys come home from soccer and the baby wakes up. Then all bets are off. I really hope to keep up on the blog now that I'm working. I love having writing as a creative outlet and getting feedback from readers. So cross your fingers for me that I can keep all my balls in the air!

Huh huh, Beavis. She said balls.


Tracy (AKA The Mayor!) said...

Ahhhhh, thnx!!! You so deserve it, & I get such a kick out of finding other moms crazy enough to have as many rug rats as I did LOL!! I look forward to more Circus adventures! :-D

Brianne said...

Yay!! Thank you sooooo much!! ^_^

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Congrats on your awards! Very well deserved indeed :)

Rebekah said...

Oh! Thank you for mentioning my l'il old blog! Does this mean I get to put a fancy award up on my blog? And share the love? And wear a tiara?

Rebekah at Mom-in-a-Million

Heather said...

You rock, Cyndi! :) Thanks for the award... now which one do I post... or do I post both? Tweet me and let me know, k? Thx!


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