Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scenes from a Birthday Dinner

Jerame turned 11 this week and we had a birthday dinner for him. He'll have his friends over to celebrate this weekend, but until then some gifts and frosted brownies made him pretty happy. Oh, and this too:

How to make a fifth grader shriek with glee? Give him his first cell phone. I think this may be the most appreciated gift ever given in our house, especially since we made him wait a year later than we made Cameron wait before he got his phone (it's a responsibility thing, not an age thing). I'm a little shocked he hasn't gotten it confiscated at school yet because I know it takes everything in him just to keep it in his pocket. Since he got it there are been so many beeps and rings in our house I thought someone smuggled in R2D2.

Also seen at Jerame's birthday dinner: A kid who really likes his pasta:

This baby is so into spaghetti he belongs on a certain MTV show. And THAT, my friends, is the real "Situation". :o)

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