Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Dog Diarrhea

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. If you missed my brother's hysterical post from yesterday check it out here. Really funny stuff.

Back at our own homestead, we spent a lot of the day apart. Joe took Cameron and Brandon to their weekly Futsal workout while Jerame and Evan and I stayed home and cleaned up pet accidents all day. More accurately: Jerame and Evan were home with me, but they didn't so much help clean up the accidents as watch me do it. Although, I will give Jerame credit for throwing away a baby sock that Gus tried to eat and then threw up. Yum.

We also had a dog who was sick in the other way but I couldn't figure out which one was leaving the perfect rings of poop around the house (seriously, they looked like crop circles) so finally I threw all three nasty animals out into the yard. By the time Joe got home I was almost in tears and feeling very un-Valentiney. It took dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings and almost a whole pound of Red Vines to bring me back to my normal (somewhat) cheerful self.

Between biohazard cleanup, I made some goody bags for the boys:

And some cute cupcakes that made Cameron and Jerame very happy:

Here's Brandon with the funny card box we made for his class party:

And Evan munching on his Valentine treat: Strawberry marshmallows. For a minute I thought about how these might come out in the diaper, but by that time I had had enough of poop so I just let him eat them and hoped for the best.

Joe and I don't do much for each other for Valentine's Day (we show our love all year long - bum chicka wa wa!) but he was very smart to include the above-mentioned Red Vines along with my card. Especially when he came home to a blubbering, mess of a wife who desperately needed the delicate mix of high fructose corn syrup and red dye #40 to make it through the day.


Joy said...

Your stamina impresses me to no end! I hope things have calmed down around there. Red Vines are definitely a good thing to have in trying times! ;o)

Law Momma said...

You are way too creative/crafty for me! If I attempted half that stuff it would have resulted in tears and probably me gluing some part of my body to cardboard... Way to go!

Yankee Girl said...

Holy cow I LOVE Red Vines! They make everything better!

The Tucker Family said...

LOVE your blog! I am now a "follower" 

I own a blog/design/scrapbooking/photography/WAHM forum I'd love you to join called My Great Retreat (link is below). Can't wait to keep in touch!


Alissa said...

It's amazing how candy can really turn a mood around.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

LOVE Red Vines. Don't love doggy runs...I've had to deal with that before - so not fun.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

My dog threw up something like a marble yesterday - what that dog finds to eat I don't understand!

Tickled Pink Twice said...

You had me just with the title of this post! Then you really had me with "perfect crop circles."

The valentine's project looked so great. I loved Brandon's card box.

Stopping by from SITS.


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