Saturday, February 13, 2010

Light the Torch Already!!!

Our family, Olympic geeks that we are, settled in last night to watch the opening ceremonies together. All of us were profoundly impressed by the production with the exception of our seven-year-old, Brandon (AKA the Amazing Kick-Ass Beezo).

B, perhaps the world’s most sports-crazy second grader, could not understand the cultural celebration of the Canadian people and was immensely impatient with the whole shebang. To him, the Olympics are all about the competition and he demanded to know why he was seeing dancers and props instead of skis and skates. It all went even further downhill when we told him there wouldn’t be any athletic events during the opening ceremonies.

The family room conversation went something like this:

B: Who’s that guy?
Us: He’s a character out of Canadian folklore.
B: His hair is stupid.

B: What are those big leaves for?
Us: They’re the symbol of Canada. Aren’t they cool?
B: No.

B: Why is that guy dancing like that? He’s not very good.
Us: He’s tap dancing. It’s different than the dancing you’re used to.
B: It’s stupid.

B: Where are the US athletes?
Us: They’re in the stands watching this.
B: I bet they think it’s stupid too.

B: How is that guy flying?!
Us: He’s on wires. Can’t you see them around his waist?
B: No, I think he’s really flying!
Us: No B, he’s hanging from the ceiling.
B: Oh. That’s stupid.

B: Where are the sports?! When is this going to be over?!

That’s our family bonding for the evening. I stayed out of most of the ruckus because I was completely distracted by the cute US athletes' hats:

Ralph Lauren. $75 and sold out. ALREADY. Recession my ass.


Merry Mack said...

This cracks me up! We loved the opening ceremony and watched it again the next morning. We thought our 4 year old who was already in bed would be really amazed by the whole thing, but she gave it about 5 min. and was off to her baby dolls. I guess this only gets to the adults. I wonder, is B now annoyed at the actual winter sports or did it get into by the end of the weekend? We spent the whole weekend watching.

Those hats are cute! Damn, they are sold out!

Anonymous said...

That is classic Beezo!!!!

And I want one of those hats so bad! I could actually wear this one, as opposed to the beret from the 2006 Torino games that is in my dresser drawer.



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