Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bryan's Purdy Pancakes

Photo courtesy of Ohdeedoh.

So, I was reading one of those home-improvement/crafty blogs that show you all the things that you would love to have in your house if only you had one-eighth of the talent as the freaks who write those blogs. When I saw this stack of pancakes I instantly thought of my oldest brother Bryan (whose blog is here if you want some HUGE belly laughs this morning).

When my brother used to babysit us he would make one of two meals - fried baloney sandwiches (sounds gross, but total heaven) and colorful pancakes. Now that I'm older I know that all it takes to make colorful pancakes is a few hits of food coloring, but back then I thought he was a freaking gourmet chef. Of course, his pancakes weren't served in a wide color spectrum like these are - his were usually blue or green or something equally manly, as if he knew he would never get into the Army if he did anything so rainbowy as this (although I hear the Army has a strict don't ask/don't tell policy regarding pancakes).

It's funny how one picture on a random blog can take you back. Now all these crafty folk need to do is get on the bandwagon and feature the crazy deliciousness of fried baloney sandwiches. They are totally missing out.

I couldn't help myself from Googling "fried baloney" and look what I found! Totally takes me back. Check out all that grease! It's actually reflective. Perfection. :o)

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