Saturday, February 6, 2010

Awesome Stuff I Found On the Internets

Random things I came across online this week:

The 17 Least Appropriate Playmobil Sets for Children
My favorite? A toss-up between "Rescue Jump Team" (When a Playmobil figure decides he wants to end it all by leaping from a plastic building, these guys rush to the scene to save the day!) and "Vulture and Cow Carcass" (Watching a gaggle of vultures pick clean the bones of a dead ox as a bunch of banditos cheer them on sounds like an hour of fun to me!). Extra points for the website offering the awesome article: Topless Robot.

The Most Heart-Wrenching Explanation of the Mars Spirit Rover's Life Yet
Even sadder: I had no idea it was still up there. Maybe it should form some sort of intergalactic union with Pluto (which I still say is a planet!)

The iPad: Where Are The Women on Apple's Branding Team?
Dear Steve Jobs: When I hear the name of your new product I don't think "awesome", I just think "Ewwww..."

Epic Save-the-Date Video
You are cordially invited to witness the geekiest marriage in the history of the world...

Exploding Microwave
It's my total enjoyment of videos like this that makes me think I should have been born a 14-year-old boy.

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