Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol - Chicago

A few thoughts about tonight's American Idol, coming to us from Chicago! I soooo loooove Chicago. It's one of my very favorite places and it turns out it has a healthy share of freaks, so even better.
  • Shania Twain has not aged at all. As my hubby noted, "That woman is just as hot today as the day I married you." Nice. Shania probably made a deal with the devil and somewhere in her mansion in Switzerland or Sweden or wherever the hell she lives there is a painting of a scaly, shriveled-up country singer that is getting worse by the minute.

  • "Boob Flex" girl was actually a pretty good singer! Too bad her crazy personality and out-of-control hooters overshadowed her voice. I truly believe her unique talent could be put to use somewhere. Maybe the porn industry?

  • Does anyone really believe they will make it to Hollywood by singing a song while accompanied by an accordian? I mean, an accordian? Really?

  • Best Simon quote of the night: "Do you enjoy giving people pain?" LOL.

  • To the former soldier: You didn't get in trouble by your superiors because you were singing in uniform. They made you stop because you suck. And unless you want a retroactive blanket party, I would never talk about bubble baths in public again.

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