Friday, January 1, 2010

All About Us

Although my endless griping on this blog (and in real life) may tell a different story, I am truly blessed to be the mom of four amazing baby boys and wife to a pretty awesome guy. We have a wonderful life together and every morning I wake up I’m anxious to see what the day will bring.

Let’s all take a moment to swallow the bile all that gooey goodness just brought up. All set? Okay, onward...

Joe and I were buddies in high school but it wasn’t until we ran into each other at a random party in college (okay, it was a bash at my parents’ house when they were on vacation – so sue me) that we were struck goofy with some sort of strange love-at-zillionth-sight phenomenon. Three years later we sealed the deal and to this day that man still makes me crazy – in both the bad and the good ways. :o)

After our wedding, we hit the ground running and four days before our first anniversary Cameron burst on the scene in all his red-headed, fantastic gingy glory. A few months later we looked at each other and said something stupid like, “hey this is easy, let’s do it again” (I can only attribute this genius logic to lack of sleep and common sense), and viola – the awesomeness known as Jerame joined the group a mere 15 months after his big brother.

After that we took a little break and had a sanity check before welcoming yet another boy (are you sensing a pattern here?) three years later in the form of Brandon, AKA the amazing, kick-ass Beezo. Then a MUCH longer break before Evan – quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, most diabolical baby you will ever meet in your life – arrived in January of 2009, six and a half years late to the party. When the ultrasound technician saw confirmation that we were having boy #4 she actually started giggling. Only by the grace of God did I not punch her in the face.

Joe and I are raising “the herd” in our own hometown, which is at the same time a blessing and a curse – for example, it’s nice to know they’re growing up in a safe, small-town environment, however it is not fun to run into your ex-boyfriend’s mother in the grocery store as your kids are having one big group meltdown. Still, we wouldn’t have it any other way. And at least this way we can laugh at our kids when they come home complaining about the same teachers who used to throw chalk at us.

We are surrounded by a huge, crazy, usually inappropriate extended family that make every gathering the most hysterical and the most dangerous place you could ever choose to be. If I ever run out of material with immediate family, I need only to look to my brothers (AKA “the Drunkles”) and their families for inspiration. Not to mention my parents, who are definitely NOT your average rocking-chair type Nana and Papa. If they’re not hustling their grandkids in a game of pool, chances are they’re jumping off cliffs in Mexico.

Finally, in the spirit of full disclosure I must say – I am prone to a little embellishment in my stories. I come by it naturally. My family tells the same stories over and over and each time they get just a little better. The stories of my childhood have bloated to such biblical proportions I barely recognize them anymore. And I’m good with that. After all, if a story isn’t entertaining, what’s the point?

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